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Behind the Scenes of the Most Racist Website in North America

<=Left - Robert Reitmeier - Below - Jon Felosi

African-americans cast off the bonds of oppression in the 1960's.

This photo was taken in 2009

<= Jackson, TN 2009.

Behind the Scenes of the
Most Racist Website in North America

It is not necessary to visit the site to understand what it represents. In fact, you may just want to take my word for it.

To summarize, it is devoted to the dehumanization, exploitation and degradation of African-americans.
Tragedies are mocked, weaknesses exploited, stereotypes superimposed. Violence and dehumanization against African-americans is encouraged. It is, without rival, the most hateful, merciless website one can find.

For reasons nobody can explain, the site remains up, as it has for several years now. Spreading a potent mixture of ruthless hatred and boundless cruelty.

It is the manifestation of total possession by hate, with no apparent philosophy or underlying motivation other than the propagation of its own aura.

In the Beginning

A group of white nationalists had found a place for their black-bashing early in 2006. They frequented the site n*****, (now n***** & .net as well). They were kicked off the site by the owner, James Riske who banned them for insulting a member because he had allowed a black pallbearer at his father's funeral.

It was at this time that n***** started to experience DDOS attacks. DDOS attacks are perpretrated by hackers in groups. They can jam up a site with a stream of requests, rendering it unusable.

Riske hired Jon Felosi ( to protect his website. It is not hard to imagine that many people wanted to destroy the website. It was not as hateful as (the site described above), but it was hateful enough.

More simply, it was bait intended to invoke reciprocation from African-americans, who insofar, have not launched any
type of counter-attack site or anything remotely as equivocally hateful.

By 2008, Riske couldn't afford the continuing costs of defending the website and his relationship with the host and security (Jon Felosi) turned sour.

Here is an e-mail exchange from 2008.


Gee, you're real responsive when your payment is due but very unavailable when we have questions or problems, Jon.


You come at me with this s**t you can find another host. This has caused me much stress and public scrutiny for hosting and protecting you guys. This shit ends now. You just f**ked up with that comment. If you want your domains you have to pay for them


I don't know what's going on with you Jon but pulling our forum and domains is just downright malicious. Please consider the thousands of people and the years of work we put into it.



Oh fuck you. Your f**king delerious (sic) if you say I have not helped you guys when you asked. I would start pulling emails but I really dont give a f**k. Im done with it and done with you guys. Your domains got decent traffic and the person who wants to buy them now is form some anti-racism organization so they will sell quickly.


The situation deteriorated and eventually Felosi shut down n***** Now, you may be thinking – well that was the right thing to do. He shut down a racist website. Right?

Unfortunately, that is not what happened. In fact, Felosi was actually orchestrating the DDOS attacks against the website himself, and eventually he stole the domains from Riske, and then sold them to a severe racist code named Latrine Jakscoon.

He then joined forces with the group who had been banned from n***** and helped create an even more racist website:

Felosi writes:

"Back in April 2008 KFC, Rope_Therapy, Bruiser, Intolerant and myself got together and decided to make our own forum.There was a dispute in the Haznig forum of n*****mania as tom and clint snow were bashing a member over his dying fathers wishes to have a black friend as a pall bearer. I kept out of it but KFC vigorously defended the member and a number of us were against the admins breaking their own rules by bashing members anyway. The end result being KFC was banned."

Felosi, despite stealing the domains, putting in his name, launching DDOS attacks against n****, having numerous connections to hacker organizations, and becoming a regular poster on chimpout, he was, in fact, not even the main driving force behind the site.

The mastermind behind was not a white nationalist, nor was he from Hillsboro, TN. He was not a computer hacker and he was not even an American citizen

He was a Jewish kid from Calgary, Alberta with an Asian wife.

The Great White North

1700 miles away, a young community-league hockey player from Calgary named Robert Reitmeier was busy posting in a white nationalist forum:

"I can tell you I have been to New York City as a kid and my Aunt is a hard core Orthodox she is cheap. I love her though I met a lot though that were great. This is my opinion and leave it to be open but I think Hollywood has alot to play on the Jew hating. Niggers are portrayed in movies to be human and be good people. Who runs Hollywood?, Who runs the media?, Who bankrupts American dollars on all of you for defence?. Jews and Israel."

After some back and forth, the response from the Aryans:

"And if you don't see mine you don't understand the importance of racial preservation. "Looking" white and wishing someone were white will never make them white. If he has a substantial Ashkenazi or Sephardic admixture then he's not white. If we start accepting nonwhites, or "almost whites" it turns into a slippery slope and then what happens?

I'm sure he's a great guy. I like his site. Hilarious. But I'm sorry, a jew's a jew."

It's hard to tell when Robert decided to focus his hatred on African-americans. Hatred works in mysterious ways. In shifts between varying focal points, and then when the person 'snaps' , it usually locks in on the nearest known social class. But the rejection by the Aryans had incensed him. After this time, his internet hate campaigns appear to intensify.

Robert was a champion of hate. He could flex his hate like no other. He impressed even anti-semites from, the world's largest white supremacy website run by Don Black. Eventually he persuaded the Aryan Guard of Calgary to accept him in the organization. He rapidly found them to be ineffective, and his Jewish ancestry became a problem that wouldn’t go away. With a few others, he formed a rogue organization called the Western European Brotherhood. They became known as violent drunks and womanizers who were eventually shunned by the Aryan Guard.

Note: You'll have to scour the police reports from Calgary to infer what they may or may not have done, including possibly robbery, assault and murder.

In 2008, Barack Obama had just been elected president, and in other news, a prominent racist, Hal Turner, had been shut down by authorities. Many of these young white nationalists' inspiration can be traced back eventually to Hal Turner. He was a premier white supremacist and an FBI informant. He was arrested for openly threatening to kill two judges, and various other government officials. His defense was that he was an FBI informant. He was sentenced to 33 months in prison and incarcerated in Terre Haute, IN in the Communications Management Module, because of his masterful hacking skills. Quite poetically, he is currently serving his time with about 70 other inmates who are mostly Al Qaeda terrorists. He is scheduled to be released in 2012.

Back in Calgary, 2009, things began spiraling out of control for Robert Reitmeier. He was involved in a murder investigation, and in the summer of 2011, he was arrested for murder, in connection with his friend Tyler Stirrup. An old man had been beaten to death in a parking lot. Earlier, an attempt was made on Robert's life in 2009, and also, a pipe bomb was left on Tyler's Stirrup's porch.

The Aryan Guard, who was likely responsible for the bombing attempt, disbanded after this incident. Later, the W.E.B. disbanded.

Robert's comments about the arrest of Hal Turner can be found, as well as all of his comments (of which there are many) under the username KFCISFORN***ERS, and later, KFSISFORBLACKS. He was banned from youtube for "multiple severe violations of hate speech policy"

Robert founded in April of 2008, along with Jon Felosi, (and an as-yet-unidentified female) and they set to work propagating intense hatred of African-americans. It is unclear whether Felosi was just seeking a profit from the enterprise, or whether he was a white nationalist. But the domains are in his name and he currently provides protection for the site, as does the security company Black Lotus (also provides protection for n***** Felosi resides in Hillsboro, TN.

Reitmeier's brainchild, remains functional and accessible. The rival website n**** also still exists under various monikers.

It is noteworthy to mention that In England, such websites are taken down which incite violence or encourage dehumanization of any particular group, or that mock the tragedies of others. Recently, in England, a man was arrested for vandalizing the memorial site of a teenager who died in a car accident. But in America, the land of free-speech, we have not yet discovered there is a difference between free-speech and anonymous hate-speech.

Hate sites such as exist only because its creators could remain anonymous. It is not free-speech unless the speaker can be identified.

Note: For any would-be hackers, you must understand, it is not possible to take down these websites. They are protected by the most powerful security available.

So please do your part to contact the hosts of these sites and let them know that the civilized world will not tolerate the ruthless degradation of African-americans, or any other race, behind the cowardly mask of anonymity, regardless of where in North America you reside.


Justice Against


  1. This article is libelous at best. Rob has nothing to do with chimpout at all, nor is he Jewish & he doesn't have an Asian wife. wow.

  2. It is pointless to try to eliminate sites like Chimpout, and Niggermania because they will keep popping up under different names. They serve an important purpose in telling the other side news stories that the liberal news media and federal government do not want people to know about. Whites, Hispanics, Jews, and Native Americans are tired of the lies and rotten behavior perpetuated by the worthless Black man and have banded together to share their own stories about their negative encounters with the Black man and to get the truth out and warn others to stay away from Black people because they end-up destroying everyone and everything they come into contact with. As an example, look at the lies and the attempted cover-ups of the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases. Both guys were well documented as thugs, but the mainstream news media will only show pictures of these guys when they were 10 years old, and will not mention anything about their previous extensive pattern of criminal behavior. The truth always has a way of coming out.

    1. You're an ignorant heartless piece of shit. Shame onto you, and I hope the fires of hell eats up your fiflthy arse.

  3. We could take down Chimpout. I have evidence that the real owners of "" are British citizens living in the UK, and even though their website is hosted on a USA server, the ownership is clearly registered to Steven Clay, and Simon Clarke, both of whom are Brits. As British citizens, they are clearly in violation of the UK's "Hate Speech" laws.

    Further, the website also breaks some of the USA's violence rules.

    I haven't been able to hack into everything on their website, but there appear to be member-only sub-forums where they discuss politics, guns, explosives, and etc.

    The beneficial owners of Chimpout are breaking more than a few USA laws as well as violating the United Kingdom "Hate Speech" laws.

    Simply by being the owner of "Chimpout", a Brit like Simon Clarke could go to Jail. All of the below is what I've dug out of the domain and host connections.

    Good luck on helping rid the world of this racist trash.

    Chimpout Domain and Host and Server

    Nameservers for
    · returned (NORECORDS)
    · returned (NORECORDS)
    Domain Name Transferred To

    IP address is, and its server is hosted at Las Vegas, United States.

    The Beneficial owners of the hate site are in the United Kingdom, where this sort of foul trash is illegal ! ! (Steven Clay and Simon Clarke)

    Simon Clarke =

    Registrant Contact: EFS Simon Clarke, Fax: 27 Silver Street Norwich, UK 12345 GB Administrative Contact: EFS Simon Clarke ( ) ...

    Domain ID:D37314513-LRMS
    Sponsoring Registrar:eNom, Inc. (R126-LRMS)
    Registrant Name:Simon Clarke
    Registrant Organization:EFS
    Registrant Phone:+1.328878589
    Billing ID:8fd952834127ed78
    Billing Name:Clarke
    Billing Organization:EFS
    Tech Name:Simon Clarke
    Tech Organization:EFS

    Whois information for